There are very few things in life that beat hiking with your dog. From short hikes in the neighborhood forest, to epic adventures in the mountains. Hiking with your dog is an exciting journey. Nothing is worse, however, than hiking with a dog that does not know how to walk on lead. Fortunately, the slip lead has been a time tested and trusted solution for those unruly pups.

One of the most important things you can do for your pet is train your dog to walk on lead. Dogs need plenty of exercise, we know that…we know you like to let them run off-leash…but there are countless scenarios where off-leash hiking is not possible. Training your dog to walk on leash is necessary to ensure you, and your pal, have the best experience possible. Taking them out for regular walks is a great way to keep them happy, healthy, and get them comfortable hiking on lead. But which leash is best? That’s where slip leads come in! Here’s a quick guide to using slip lead leashes for any type of pup.

What Is a Slip Leash?Sloper Slip Leash made from upcycled climbing rope

A slip lead leash is an adjustable, looped collar and leash combo that comes in various sizes to fit all types of dogs. Our Sloper Slip Lead is made from retired climbing rope, other slip leads can be made out of any material such as leather or nylon webbing. It also has an adjustable loop on one end that can be used to create more slack or tighten the leash as needed. The main advantage of using a slip lead is the ability to communicate with your dog via pressure and release, rather than verbal cues. Oh, and they’re easy to use; just put it over your pup’s head and pull the lead tight enough so your pup doesn’t slip out accidentally. Slip leads  tighten when tensioned and loosen when given slack. This allows for complete control of your dog, no matter how wild your pup is.

How Do I Use My Slip Lead?

Slip leads are incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from leisurely strolls around the neighborhood to intense training sessions.
1. Placement: Facing the dog, place the lead over their head. If the dog is walking on the left side, the leash should resemble a “P”. For dogs walking on the right , the leash should resemble a “9”.
2. Fit: Snug leash as high as possible on the top of the neck.
3. Comfort: Make sure it’s not too tight by slipping two fingers between their neck and the collar; if you can’t fit two fingers in there comfortably, loosen it up some more!
4. Off-Leash: When walking off leash, sling your slip leash over your shoulder for hands-free storage and quick access.
5. Unattended: since slip leads require pressure to remain secure, it is not ideal to leave your pups unattended. If you need to tie your pup up, a slip lead may not be your best option.

Using a slip lead while hiking is an easy way to maintain control, and communicate with your dog effortlessly. Slip leads work with most breeds but may require different sizing, always check for comfort by slipping two fingers under the collar, avoid leaving them unattended while wearing one, and never tie them up with this type of leash. With these simple tips in mind, you’ll be ready for many happy adventures together!

If this blog didn’t help. See this video on how to properly use a slip leash from the dog whisperer himself.