It’s a fact, dogs love Covid-19 quarantine. Here are five strategies for working from home with your dogs.

  1. Designated work area: If you don’t have a home office, you may need to set one up. Make sure there is ample space for a dog bed, toys, and bones.
  2. Have a Good “Start of the Day” Routine: Wake up, play and/or cuddle with pup, bring dog to work
  3. Stick to a schedule: Plan for frequent 10-15 minute breaks to play with your dog.
  4. Dress to impress: Choose wisely, you will have dog hair everywhere.
  5. Embrace distractions:
    1. If your dog wants pets, give them pets.
    2. If your dog wants to play, play. Then give them pets.
    3. If your dog barks during a conference call, ignore it. Then give them pets.

During the corona-virus pandemic, dogs get to spend all day, everyday, with their best friends. In our house, my wife and I have makeshift offices on different floors. Each has a dog bed (or guest bed), toys, and plenty of room to play with the pups. We’re making the best of quarantine, and our dogs love it. We hope you are enjoying your time with your CragDogs as much as we are! Toys get boring, it’s time to get your pup a new toy!

Dog Playing with Ball During Coronvirus lockdownDog Sleeping On Ground