Best Practical Holiday Gifts for Your Dog


A message from Kelly and Christian, CragDog founders:We wish all our current customers, future customers, dog owners, and rock climbers the best for a holiday season full of fun with their dogs and their outdoor adventures.  Thanks for visiting our website and looking at our products.  We are grateful for those of you who have purchased and who have contributed used climbing gear that we recycle for our products.  In the spirit of the holidays and throughout the year, CragDog contributes 30% of sales proceeds to local and national climbing advocacy organizations.

To help with your holiday shopping, we have compiled here a few of our favorite holiday gifts for our dogs and for dog owners who love the outdoors.  These are practical gifts which will be welcomed and used.

Leashes – CragDog sells many different types of climbing rope dog leashes, some with and without carabiners, depending on your preference.  All are made with up-cycle used climbing gear; creating pet-safe, easy-use equipment.  Check out our website for the leash that works best for you!





Dog Toys – Exercise and play with humans and other dogs is essential for your dog’s health and happiness.  CragDog sells many different types of tug and toss rope dog toys and a combination pack of all.  These heavy-duty dog toys can withstand a great deal of play and can be found on our website.




Chuckit – For dogs who like to run and fetch, a long handled chuckit ball launcher increases the length you can throw providing more fun running and chasing for your dog.  With the chuckit’s hands-free pick-up you avoid wet sloppy balls.


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Dog Beds – Dogs need a comfy bed to snooze on just like you do, where they can relax in a spot that’s dedicated to them.  Although we prefer to recommend purchases from small/local businesses, in this case we recommend dog beds from Costco.  We find these are the best value.


Sleeping Bag


Dog Sleeping Bags – When you take your dog along for camping, dogs like to curl up in their own sleeping bag.  Although there are dog sleeping bags available for purchase, we recommend that you buy yourself a new bag and give your used bag to your dog.  They won’t know the difference.

Musher's Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax, 60-g jar


Musher’s SecretTo protect your dog’s paws, especially in the winter from the salt and chemicals on the street, we recommend Musher’s Secret.  It is 100% natural food grade wax that is a breathable barrier for your dog’s paws. It can be used year-round for protection as needed.

The Parks Project -This final suggestion are gifts for humans from the Parks Project.  A tote bag, sweatshirt or gift box from the Parks Project will support our National Parks. There are many gifts to choose from, including ones with your favorite National Park’s logo.  National Parks are great places to explore with our pets.

Happy Holidays and Happy Trails everyone,